Garo attempts to write. Again.

I am also a tooter on Mastodon: @garo@social.lol and @garo@garo.ooo is a mirror of the blog feed.

My primary goal with this project1 is to write more clearly. That’s a goal for me, you all are along for the ride. I hope it is interesting.

As Zinsser advises, I have chosen a secondary non-goal to not focus on the audience as a group. Instead, I choose to put my focus on clearly communicating to the reader for each piece.

As for what those pieces end up being, well, I am not limiting myself there. Maybe a pattern will emerge. If it does, I will decide then what to do with it. This is a venue for my experimentation and exploration. I offer the below list to help you decide if this project is something you want to follow or not.

I am
  an experimental physicist by training
  a software engineer by profession
    but I still think about myself as a physicist in that role too
  an introspector and an extrospector; I wish to understand
  a writer by choice, and by intent 
    so that I might test my understanding
  an artist
  a passionate reader
    with pencil in hand
  a humble lifelong learner
    and explorer
  an eater and a cook of some skill
  above all, curious about everything.

I’ve also been told I am wholesome af.

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  1. Project = this blog. ↩︎

J. Garo @garo