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Brunch at home is such a good meal. Even if home this week is a rental in the next state. Overnight french toast bake, crispy hash browns, eggs sunny side up or over easy, coffee, tea, juice. Fruit salad, with oranges from a neighbors tree back home. It’s not a complicated or fussy event, at least not where I come from. One thing that made it special today is having all the family together here, even us out of towners, to celebrate a late Mother’s day.

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It was chilly this morning, but the clouds were cool.

A cloud with sun rays.


Reflecting on the week

It has been a busy week, but a good week. There were plenty of moments that I took time to think, to just sit with my thoughts. Whatever thoughts those were in those moments. I’m glad I did that instead of trying to scramble and fill the time with execution when what I needed was time to reflect and absorb and process. It has also been a turning point week, with me having had a lot of talking to do.

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Is it just me, or are phishing text messages really getting out of hand? Used to be they were only occassional. Seems like it’s almost daily now. In the last ~3 months I’ve gone from mildly skeptical of unexpected text messages to “no way am I clicking on anything in that” unless I’ve Googled the domain, and remembered what I did that would have triggered the text message, and critically examined the contents for phishing bait. It’s not like I was clicking on them before, but it wasn’t such a… reaction. In the last week I switched on the filtering to put texts from unknown senders in their own area in iMessages.

What else can we do about this? I predict the demise of text messaging if this trend continues, or it turns into email anyway.

Yesterday was one of those rare days with a mild persistent headache and achy teeth. That is despite taking Excedrin, drinking plenty of water, and eating plausibly well enough. Maybe it was allergy induced? Or maybe I’m catching a cold. This is a pre-recorded message since I am planning to use Sunday as a day of fewer obligations.