Hello new friends. Let me do a short introduction here.

  • I like to write 📝 and want to get better at it. I am writing right now, am I not?
  • I’ve been making art 🎨 with computers for a while now, but I have ambitions on drawing too.
  • I’ve been on this planet for a while now, so I’ve learned a few things. But I still have questions.
  • I recently started dabling in music making 🎵. It’s been fun.
  • I’m a competent photographer 📷, it’s a hobby that I enjoy but have been doing less of it lately.
  • I like to cook, I’ll probably share pictures from time to time. Maybe some recipes too.
  • I’m pretty math curious, so things like that might show up from time to time.
  • I went to school for science, physics in particular. So, I have some experience in that.
  • I do some software professionally, so I know a bit about that.

Obviously there is more than that, but this probably covers a lot ground that we could use to make a connection. Let’s try to get acquainted!

J. Garo @garo