Oh oh, oh! Dracula Daily began today! I don’t know why I am so excited about this! Maybe it’s the travelogue nature of the beginning, or the comparison of weathers I mean, the experience of comparing and contrasting my weather against the atmosphere of the book, which I assume will follow some seasonal trend and be called out. Just a guess on my part.I’ll be having over the next 6 months (weather: I’m a fan). I plan to do some realtime commenting on the reading too.

Started reading: Dracula (Norton Critical Editions) by Bram Stoker 📚. Nicely formatted ebook from Standard EBooks if you’re into that.

The things I noted in the first day’s reading: the food (I see cooking opporutnities here), the locations, the corporeal inhabitedness, Harker mentions how he slept, and talks about food, and not wanting to miss the train. It seems all very personal/experiential, and immediate. and the sense of mystery and even a bit of calamity. The world is being set before me, and I don’t know which of the possibilities is a probability. It was only a couple of pages worth. The annotations in the Norton Critical Edition help and also distract a bit.

Anybody want to start a reading club?

J. Garo @garo