Reporting from the road

The road is a great place see things.

  • A “sheisty” little train. CFNR was so maligned I think because of some graffiti on the cars?
  • Shasta “Lake” looking maybe the lowest I’ve ever seen it. At the overpass just before the 705 N exit, I could see the Sacremanto river in its channel that is often under up to 50 feet of water (just eyeball guessing the high waterline depth from a speeding car). I wonder what we would get if we sized the Southwest water system today, after an additional ~80 years of weather observations?
  • Mt. Shasta covered in powdered sugar, looking very nice.
  • The roadside political commentary: state of Jefferson (been there for years), Biden is Weak (new one to me). Personally don’t particularly want to draw any more attention to either of those, but great big road side signage is hard to not comment on.
  • And the roadside statuary: cow with calf, and the dragon. Both have been there for quite a few years now.
  • Saw three small airplanes taking off in a row. The last being the slowest, but probably has the best view from a huge panoramic dome windshield.
  • The huge burn scar north of Redding, it seemed to go on for miles. Not sure which fire or year that was from.
  • Someone wearing what looked like an animal skin print rug, poncho style, and maybe it was a large Ikea grocery bag balanced and draped over their head? I couldn’t even see the person walking inside this getup.

Stay tuned for a similar update tomorrow from the rest of the journey.

J. Garo @garo