Masks, 2 of 8

In which another mask is described.

The second mask is similar in overall structure to the first. But, there are some significant differences.

There is the domed forehead, but this time the transition to the eyes is smooth. The mouth is still rounded into an “o”, and it is still at the chin, but it faces forward instead of down.

The mask is carved from one piece of wood, it is smooth with some sparce lines inscribed in the surface and inlaid with white. The wood is dark color, perhaps ebony. Starting at the top, the forehead is domed and protrudes forward beyond the nose even. The eyes, at first looking lidded, are in fact rendered with some different, more reddish pieces that have pupils cut in them. The slits below are for the wearer to see out. The nose gives a triagular appearance, even though the tip is rounded, and the bottom, where the nostrils would be is a flat plane. There is a long space between the bottom of the nose and the mouth, at the chin. The cheeks and upper lip area are smooth and rounded to flat. The lines cover all the surface and have a bisecting line down the center of the face to the mouth. The round inside of the mouth, the nose, and the eyes are the only area not touched by the lines. Lines continue under the chin. There are not ears.

It is a true mask that could be worn. Overall the feeling of the mask is friendly to neutral.

J. Garo @garo