Oddball social media

I thought I would do something a little lighter today, so I’m sharing some of the other takes on using the internet to facilitate communications. I kind of enjoy some of these different interpretations, anti-gamified in a way, of social media. Maybe “alt-social media”?

  • Pony messenger, like email but it delivers only once per day at the same time for everyone. → @garo is me, feel free to write.
  • Minus.social gives you only 100 posts, ever. That’s my profile on the link there. But what if I waste a post and regret it? So I haven’t written even one yet.
  • Slowsocial.us is about focusing on connection. Not much else to go on here. I don’t remember when I made the account, and signing up didn’t help figure out what it is any better. Maybe it’s a scam?
  • Slowly distance based delay of message delivery. It’s like pen pals but on your phone.

Know of any other good ones?

J. Garo @garo