End of day ramble

Time is running out and I haven’t thought of much to write here today. I did use my power prompt and got lots of words out, but not anything that I felt like elaborating on here. I’m not sure yet how to translate all that personal material to the things I write here, even though I think that they shouldn’t be all that separate.

Speaking of that power prompt, the first day was really great. The second was much more of just a recounting of what happened, static sequence of events style. Not much of why did that happen, and what might it mean. So today I let some of that stuff back in. The pages just fill up. I didn’t have time to get it all down in the morning. I had to make a bit more time in the afternoon to finish. Lots of directions this can go, I think. Looking forward to exploring as many of them as possible.

A few random thoughts:

  • Monday the thirteenth always seemed like a better bad luck day than Friday.
  • Does any one eat “tuna nachos”? It sounded just plausible enough to me to exist. Tuna salad scattered on some potato chips. You could even melt cheddar over it, tuna melt style. Not sure it’s something that I want to exist, but it just might. Inspired by the tuna salad that fell off my sandwich on some chips at lunch today. Thought of a few other “just plausible enough” foods, and a few duds.
  • Not been much reading of Dracula lately. I hope everyone is ok.
J. Garo @garo