This Week In Captio Captures

Some things I quickly captured this week with Captio:

  • Some just barely absurd foods. You have to grab them quick or they start to sound too ridiculous or maybe actually someone eats that. E.g.s: grilled peas, fried lettuce, smoked apples or avocados, and shredded artichoke hearts. It was kind of a writing exercise, very “when the inspiration strikes.”
  • What color ink I suspect that I used in my notebook quite a while ago: Sailor Nano Souboku or Lamy Blue Black. Probably the latter, it’s darker.
  • The Goal Streaks app. For tracking my blogging streak. Do I really need an app for this??
  • On Lies:
    • Pluto: “No mind is ever willingly deprived of the truth.” Via Epictetus, Discourses 2.22.36.
    • Alan Turing: “Hardest time to lie to someone is when they are expecting to be lied to.”
  • Also from The Imitation Game: “Sometimes it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” Christopher Morcom.
  • If you’re lacking motivation, perhaps the next action is not actually small enough. Break it down some more. Also, the 10 minute rule.
  • “Remember, for everything you say yes to, you’re also saying no to something else.” Ryder Carroll in The Bullet Journal Method, p 105.

There were a few other odds and ends about bigger ideas that I’m not ready to share, and a couple of bits related to ongoing projects around the house.

Next step: migrate these from my email inbox to the right longer term home.


J. Garo @garo