Reporting from the road: finale

Not the finish I was expecting

There was startlingly less remarkable things on the road today, the last of our journey. We covered 384 miles (618 km), and only saw two things to remark on.

  1. Mount Shasta had surprisingly less snow than when we drove past going north 10 days ago. Partly because I suspect it had a fresh dusting from the winter-in-May storm, and also because it was clouded in and hard to see. But still, Lake Shasta is low, and not much snow on the mountain. This is worrying.
  2. The colored trucks, also near Mount Shasta, which I did see on the way up also. But, since I’ve seen them for years and years, I didn’t really think they were remarkable until I reflected on it. This is kind of stretching it.

This meager haul is far below expection. But I think that’s just part of small numbers.

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J. Garo @garo