End of day ramble

Time is running out and I haven’t thought of much to write here today. I did use my power prompt and got lots of words out, but not anything that I felt like elaborating on here. I’m not sure yet how to translate all that personal material to the things I write here, even though I think that they shouldn’t be all that separate. Speaking of that power prompt, the first day was really great.

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June Rain

It’s a really nice day to share an all too brief and far too rare June rain with some friends that surprise come over and bring pizza fixings and also enjoy the rain with you, even if it means we have to abandon the patio at the end because it is in fact raining a bit too much to stay outside. It’s a very lucky thing.

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TIL: a powerful journaling prompt

There was a comment on a hackernews post this morning about journaling that I thought I would give a try: just recount what happened in the last 24 hours. So I tried it. I didn’t add too much of what I thought of what happened later, just what I remember thinking about it at the time. I plan to follow up with later thoughts on some of those things.So much came out of this.

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Gosh this is difficult.

Journeys and Stories and Secret Destinations

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber

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I’m starting a new daily blogging chain today. I had done really well with the pin for 30 days of blogging dangling out there in front of me. Now that I accomplished that, and then some wobble in my schedule and I dropped a few consecutive days. Honestly I don’t think I can blame schedule wobble, there was more interference in the last month than the events of the last week. Try, try again.

A trail leads into the distance through a golden grassy ridge with oak trees. There is fog too.

I have found an unknown treasure right in my own backyard. Excellent backpacking is a truly short drive away, and the price is a few days of sore legs, which I am still recovering from. I guess 22 miles in 24 horus will do that too. One big win is that I finally get it about using trekking poles on the way down all those steep hills that this particular location offers.


Writing blog posts is difficult when there is a lot going on and I have weekend plans to prepare for too!

Two random... realizations(?) today, I guess

I won’t make a big thing about this. Because I commuted to the office today, I have less time to write here tonight. Been watching Stargate: SG-1 lately. What exactly is Teal’c’s character motivation, anyway? I have a tendency to heap all responsibility on my own head. Well, realizing that is not new. Recognizing it while it was actually happening was. That’s progress! Such is life.

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A couple of phrases that I noticed while reading lately

It’s fun to notice the shorter and longer phrases that you’re noticing while reading.

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